A milestone is achieved

Today is my husband’s last day in the corporate world. He decided to pursue his dreams – as I believe he has many – and those dreams would not be achievable remaining the level he was on.

I am glad he took the decision; I have been and will always be supporting his life choices. I sincerely trust he knows what’s best for him and the family. And am really excited to be spending more time with him.

Am I nervous? Oh trust me; very.

Is it going to be challenging? Definitely.

Will it be shakey? I hope not.

But will we be happier? Positively.

Because what could be happier than being on your achievement path, accomplishing dreams after dreams. What could be more pleasurable than ‘being’. Being your own self, being contented in what you appreciate the most. Being in the direction of your own life’s purpose. It’s like you going some place beautiful but the scenery along the way is just as worthily-breathtaking.

So, congratulations, Dear Husband. It’s the start of a yet another wonderful journey.


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